*Knowledge Transfer Through the Collective Consciousness*

Here at Noetic Effect, our lives revolve around creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry and finding beautiful crystals and gemstones to put into those pieces. We believe that gemstones are one of the most amazing things that nature has created.

There is nothing like finding a new material, one that leaves you speechless when you see it because it's almost too perfect
to be real. We want to carry that feeling with us, be it by wearing the actual gemstone in a one of a kind piece of jewelry
that we have created, or by wearing the mineral on a piece of clothing.
The Rockpile is a clothing line created by Jewelers for Jewelers and Gemstone Enthusiasts. We hope with each piece you are
reminded of the magic of nature, and how over millions of years various minerals bound together to form one of a kind pieces
of organic art. Like all of our creations, our clothing is created with functionality in mind. Urban styles with real gemstones
printed onto soft cotton shirts, jackets, joggers and more. Our clothing is fade proof and our shoes water resistant.
We also have bags and backpacks that let you carry your belongings in style. We hope that our clothing sparks conversation
and stands you out in a crowd, bringing more gemstone enthusiasts and jewelers together to share knowledge and love for gemstones.