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Making #wirewrapped jewelry requires skill and practice, but what is often overlooked is the #design element of it. You can use the tightest weaves, high end #gemstones and unique patterns in your pieces but without flow you are missing out on the most important step. Often designing the piece is the hardest part! Understanding design and #composition will help you understand why people are either attracted or not attracted to a piece of your work. The best way to understand design is to look at others work or trial and error. Lets just say there was a lot of trial and error for us!! The internet has brought jewelers together and allowed them to grow off each other where before you only had your own work to compair too. Lets look at our most recent piece.

When trying to learn your own style of design that resonates with you, it is helpful to look at pieces you admire and ask yourself a few questions..

-What is my first take at this piece?

-What do I like or not like about it?

-What would I do differently?

-What part creates the biggest visual impact?

By understanding the elements of design you will be able to improve your own work and make more visually appealing pieces. The main elements to remember are:

-Line, Space, Shape, Texture and Color as well as the Priciples of Design:

-Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Variety and Harmony.

Look at this piece

Can you see how we used every element of design to create this piece while incorporating our own style of "flow" ?

Once you figure out your own design preferences you can express your ideas in your own style. With practice you will learn to evaluate pieces to see if they work and why and be able to make more powerful designs

Remember while studying to respect the artists eye for designs and to come up with your own style. There is no one "Flow" in jewelry, its how every piece we have made in 11 years has been different than the last.

Now that you have a good understanding of the idea of "Design", start pushing yourself to make better pieces!

Understand "design" but unsure how to start? We offer an online master class where we teach students how to create jewelry for a living.

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