How to order a custom, one of a kind, engagement ring

Feeling butterflies and ready to pop the question? If you are on this page; I can only assume you have immaculate taste and want to get your partner a ring that will take their breath away. You came to the right place.

This can be a stressful decision, so many options to choose between. We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. I'm bad at speaking in third person; My name is Julliet and I'm here to explain our method of making custom engagement rings and how to order one for your loved one.

First step is to figure out your budget. Standard engagement rings are three months salary and is an investment you give to your partner. Here at Noetic Effect, we try to help our customers by giving them better deals than you would find in retail stores; as well as offering payments through Affirm to help you get the piece they truly deserve.

Once we know your budget, we can decide what type of metals it will be made with (Yellow, White, Rose Golds, Silver, Platinum) and also decide on stones.

Traditional Engagement rings have a large diamond center, usually between .5-2cts and are sometimes accented with smaller diamonds in the band. We specialize in diamonds AND colored stones at Noetic Effect. What I personally would recommend as far as colored stones go, would be Corundum(Ruby and Sapphire), Spinel or Morganite. Ruby, sapphire, and spinel all ranks highly on the Mohs Scale which makes them good for everyday wear. Sapphire and Spinel both come in a wide variety of colors. Morganite is a popular option in rose gold rings, and is also pretty affordable. Sometimes we can also include your partners birthstone in the ring, it depends on the hardness. I would never advise customers to include fragile stones in jewelry that will be worn regularly.

Now is a good time to get us the ring size. We have a downloadable on the site you can print to determine size. Most jewelry stores will also size you in person for free.

Once we know the stones and metal the piece will be made with, I will personally send you multiple options to choose between for the centerpiece of your ring. Diamonds, or colored stones. I will choose the best options for the ring with Color, Cut, Clarity in mind. Centerpiece diamonds will come with papers. We have direct contacts in the diamond district and have built up a network of gemstone venders and cutters over the past 15 years. We can find anything.

When the perfect stone is selected, we will have it shipped directly to us and start working on the design. We need as many design references as possible. What kind of Jewelry does your partner normally wear? What style do they have? Would they want a thinner band or bulkier ring? Do they work with their hands? Have they shown you other rings in the past they liked? Maybe they even have a pinterest board saved (worth a look) We need as much information as you can give us about likes and dislikes, it brings us closer to creating a piece that is tailored just for them and they really will treasure forever.

Now we have the stones, we know the metal, we have the size, and even the general aesthetic we are trying to go for. Its time to start the design process. Our design process here at Noetic Effect is in two parts. First: we draw out in 2D the ring with stones to get approval from you. We will have a few options to choose between. If you dont approve, its back to the drawing board. Once we have an approved 2D design, we will start the actual modeling of the ring in 3D. We do this from scratch, so it usually takes a week or two depending on how intricate it is and how many stones. We also usually create a matching wedding band for this ring that you can grab closer to the actual date. Its important to get a wedding band created for each engagement ring, so they fit together on her finger correctly. Its small details like that that really makes them easier to wear as years go on.

When the 3D model is complete, we will send it to you for verification and last minute adjustments. When that is green lighted, all your tasks are complete!! It is then up to us to cast, stone set, package and ship your custom ring right to your door.

Designing a custom engagement ring is a process, and more work than just picking out a mass-produced piece.

But the story behind it, the thought, how tailored it is to their interests, will reflect back in their smile every time they look at it for the rest of their life. So what are you waiting for? We are ready to make some memories.

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