• PLEASE READ THIS COMPLETELY BEFORE ORDERING!!! This tutorial is the combined knowledge of 14 years of creating wire wrapped jewelry.This is the ultimate crash course lesson on how to wire wrap designed help beginners turn into masters and also help up the game of jewelry makers everywhere. By purchasing this listing you agree to a contract not to share any of the information, copy in any way, make your own tutorials using our techniques or teach anyone. Instead of teaching you how to make one specific pattern this is the knowledge needed to create your own jewelry line! We talk about pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, hat pins and more. We teach you how we make everything we do but it's up to you to use the knowledge to create your own designs. WE DO NOT SHOW JUST ONE PENDANT BUT RATHER HOW TO MAKE ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES. Use the email you normally use to check out, the videos are on a password protected part of site and pdf sent to you by email. 2 and a half hours of video with 24 page pdf with 28 hand drawn patterns to cover all angles of learning. Email will be sent within 48 hours of purchase. Due to the nature of this product refunds are not available. Copyright 2015-2019 Noetic Effect.

    Complete Heady Wire Wrap tutorial

    • This is a online course of our week long class. The video is 2 and a half hours long and the pdf is 24 pages long with 28 hand drawn patterns. If you have any questions please message us. After buying if you need help or think of things we could add please send us a email, new video updates will be sent to the email you purchased this tutorial with.