This pendant is one of a kind and part of our new Fall 2019 Collection.It was made out of precious metals milled into wires and formed using cold-connection jewelry techniques using just a pair of pliers, no soldering was used in creating this piece of wearable art.This pendant was created out of .925 Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Goldfill weaving. Goldfill is a layer of real gold bonded to jewelers grade brass making it more affordable than solid gold jewelry. The Gold will never tarnish. The silver has been treated in a process that speeds up the natural tarnishing process of silver, turning it a dark black.    This beautiful Pendant features two super flashy Fire Agate centerpieces cut by Tony Hands. They have flashes of green, oranges and golds that sparkle in the light. As accents I paired 6 Red Garnets, Black Opal, Tsavorite Garnet, 7 Emeralds and Yellow Sapphire for a total of 18 Gemstones and 98 pieces of metal to form one solid piece.  This pendant is one of a kind and ready to ship, thank you for looking!!4" by 1 and 1/2" Payment plans on this piece are available, please message me at to learn more information about the payment options I offer.

Rasta Fire Agate Yellow Gold Pendant

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