This pendant is one of a kind and part of our new Fall 2019 Collection.It was made out of precious metals milled into wires and formed using cold-connection jewelry techniques using just a pair of pliers, no soldering was used in creating this piece of wearable art.This pendant was created out of .925 Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Goldfill weaving. Goldfill is a layer of real gold bonded to jewelers grade brass making it more affordable than solid gold jewelry. The Gold will never tarnish. The silver has been treated in a process that speeds up the natural tarnishing process of silver, turning it a dark black.    This beautiful Pendant features 3.7-gram Congo Green Tourmaline centerpiece that has been set with an exposed termination; accented with 8 Rubies, Yellow Sapphire, 2 Ethiopian Opal, 6 Emeralds and Red Garnet. This piece has a total of 19 Gemstones and 120 pieces of metal to form one solid piece.  This pendant is one of a kind and ready to ship, thank you for looking!!3 and 1/2" by 2 and 3/4" Payment plans on this piece are available, please message me at to learn more information about the payment options I offer.

Rasta Yellow Gold Green Tourmaline Pendant

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